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Pride | prīd |
A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated...

5th Gen Apparel is all about pride. Pride in where we came from—five generations of tough, go-get'em sewing mavens. Pride in ourselves—over a hundred pounds lost and thirteen half marathons conquered as of this writing. Pride in our customers for pushing themselves in whatever they do.

Though our products are suitable for all athletics, running is what first started it all. “Running is my happy,” says founder, designer, and master garment-smith, Heather Boyajian. No stranger to a needle and thread, Heather started sewing for her Barbies when she was only five, and she started making athletic apparel for herself back in 2011. Having just embarked on a journey to get healthy, Heather quickly grew frustrated with the lack of fashionable workout clothes available to bigger women. Things proved doubly difficult given Heather’s leggy 6' 2" stature. “I like cute clothes too!” And so the first seeds for 5th Gen Apparel were planted.

Today we provide numerous styles for whatever your happy is. Each design is named after a family member who helped get us here. And we never charge extra for larger sizes. We want to help you find a piece that makes you feel every bit as powerful as you are.